MAK @ 4×4 FEST 2023

MAK enthusiastically participated in the 20th edition of the 4X4 Fest 2023, held April 21-23 in Carrara, Italy.

The 4X4 Fest 2023 was the ideal stage to showcase a preview of MAK’s new 2023 collection. With its own booth in Hall C lane 24, the company deployed the best of its offerings designed for off-road vehicles.

With a fleet of no less than 20 models, MAK proudly and consciously participated in one of the industry’s most anticipated events. In fact, for off-road, the company brought the Gravel, Peak and Safari 6 models: three six-hole, original-bolt-compatible designs designed to best enhance the look of pickups and off-roaders that don’t want to go unnoticed.

Gravel is the interesting 2023 novelty capable of combining solidity and trendiness with two particularly apt finishes: from the timeless classic matt black to the unmistakable black mirror, the brilliant diamond pattern that best ties in with the tones of any bodywork. Available in 16, 17 and 18 inches, ready to devour dirt tracks and white roads.

Peak, offered in 17, 18 and 20 inches, offers three different finishes: black mirror, able to perfectly emphasize the surface of its spokes with a brilliant diamond pattern; matt black, the most intrinsic expression of sportiness; and army green, the unprecedented matte green perfectly in line with the off-road segment.

Safari 6 is the answer to massive pickup trucks and off-roaders looking for practicality and build quality: a wheel that is appreciated and particularly suitable for one’s daily challenges without sacrificing style. Available in 17, 18 and 20 inches in intriguing gun metallic mirror, gloss black and silver finishes.

Capturing attention is not only the off-road novelties but also the range of wheels designed specifically to support more than just heavy weights: the MAK Load, Stone and King models, in fact, available with 5 and 6 holes, are designed to hold the load of vehicles such as SUVs, 4x4s, HEAVY DUTY, VANS and VANs without the slightest hesitation. The load capacity of each individual wheel is 1250 kg and in some applications up to 1350 kg.

There was no shortage of wheels dedicated to passenger cars: molded with an innovative and elegant design, precisely designed to match the lines and styling of the finest premium cars on the market, in line with MAK’s harmonious taste and style.

Also present is the interesting corner dedicated to MATE, the MAK-branded family of DIAGNOSTICS and ELECTRONICS products consisting of TPMS, the important pressure monitoring sensors, up to the line of DIAGNOSTICS instruments for related programming: a wide range of increasingly cutting-edge technological solutions. Last, but certainly not least, is the “No Problem Kit” area: the range of products designed to deal with any eventuality or unforeseen eventuality in which, every day, the end user is likely to come across during their transfers. Thus, both the set that includes the practical space-saving spare tire kit, including jack, gloves, universal wrench, elastic cord and bag (less and less present in the standard equipment of new cars), and the brand new snow socks are present: the practical alternative to the chain, able to be installed quickly and with great effectiveness to safely deal with snowy or icy surfaces, perfectly approved for road use.

It is with the aim of increasingly positioning itself as the main reference of its customers that MAK designs and provides state-of-the-art solutions and services to ensure the best possible aftermarket experience for the end consumer. Participating in this important event was therefore the ideal opportunity for MAK to convey all the passion infused in the creation of its alloy wheels dedicated to the Heavy Duty segment.

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