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MAK S.p.A. was founded in 1991 as a result of a joint venture between two important companies active in the industrial metallurgical production sector and in the commercial automotive field.
The company has distinguished itself in the after market for the production of light alloy wheels.
MAK is a well-known brand on the national and international scene, recognised as one of the leaders in the market. Inspired by the “Lean Thinking” philosophy, MAK focuses on waste reduction, internal processes efficiency and production quality, through synergy and teamwork.
Environmental sustainability is one of the challenges for the company, which is investing in the use of alternative energy sources, the re-use of production waste and the optimisation of logistics.

MAK is a customer-oriented company with the goal of customer satisfaction in many different ways:
– Offering high quality products with innovative
– Pre- and after-sales service guaranteed by
highly qualified staff.
– Fast and reliable daily shipments.
– Flexibility in planning orders.
MAK has a stock of more than 120,000 wheels in its warehouse, in order to meet any national or international order request in a short time.
In order to meet customer needs, the warehouse logistics follow a standardised “best practice” and “day by day” logistics system planning, which guarantees absolute regularity and punctuality of service.
The various shipping solutions include: daily shipments by express courier, direct containers from the production site to the customer’s warehouse, and extensive customisation of the shipment according to the needs. MAK offers a simple and intuitive web support: on the B2B platform it is possible to look for and order the products available in the warehouse, as well as to check upcoming arrivals and information on the
possible wheel combinations.

On a side view, wheels cover approximately 25% of the vehicle surface. This shows how important is the influence of alloy wheels in the general look of a car. It has also been statistically proved that, though wheels are one of the five safety components of a car, they are chosen in 85% of the cases, purely owing to their aesthetic appeal. For this reason Mak, taking for granted the exceptional quality of its products, has invested massively in styling like no other competitor: Mak not only co-operates with various designers, but even acquired the majority in a styling company. This company has styled objects in various fields, from car components to sunglasses, and has managed to propose sporty, aggressive, classic and futuristic wheel styles, with new solutions that are often far from conventional standards and are able to comply with the taste of very different countries. 

Certificate Accredia_KBA ISO 9001_2015 until 27-12-2024

Conformity of production MAK_ITA untill 07_04_2025

MAK’s general conditions of warranty – ENG

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