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Makwheels – alloy wheels with Italian design and technology

The purchase of alloy wheels is a great way to improve the appearance and safety of your own car. The low weight of the alloy wheels optimize the quality of driving when braking and cornering, guaranteeing a better vehicle set-up, with great advantages both on safety and on fuel consumption.
Having a further train of four alloy wheels also allows you to save on costs and on the times of changing winter tires, being able to count on sets always ready and only to be replaced.

Technology made in Italy and aimed at the future

Makwheels’ offer of alloy wheels designed and developed for your car is constantly evolving. This is why our site is able to offer a wide range of alloy wheels suitable for all types of cars, from sedans to station wagons, from crossovers to SUVs, to alloy wheels for 4×4 and heavy duty.

Makwheels has developed a wide range of dedicated alloy wheels, i.e. designed specifically for your car brand and with the possibility of applying the original hubcap.
Makwheels wheels are recognizable for their typically Italian design and taste, thanks to the work done by professionals who are dedicated to all-round design and not only in the sector, so as to offer alloy wheels with sporty, aggressive, classic or futuristic styles, with new solutions and often out of any conventional scheme.

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