MAK @ HANDBIKE: Active Team La Leonessa

Active Handbike Team La Leonessa sponsored by MAK Wheels without rivals: it is still the “Fast Team” at the Giro d’Italia, with 5 pink jerseys!

The four pink jerseys with which Active Team La Leonessa closed the last edition of the Giro d’Italia handbike race, literally dominated by the athletes of the Brescia-based company, already seemed like a fairytale, but the team found a way to do even better in the opening stage of the 2022 event, winning five on the streets of Bari, in a race to remember. Suffice it to say that there were fifteen Active athletes on the trip to Puglia, and five won in their respective categories: one out of three. But the contribution of all the others was also fundamental, with their placings allowing the team to confirm its red “Fast Team” jersey, thanks to the sum of the points totalled by each. The good news is that, in addition to the successes of the usual well known Christian Giagnoni (MH4, and first in the general classification) and Mirko Testa (MH3), both reigning champions in their respective categories, three of the five pink jerseys signed Active Sport are new. One of them was earned by world champion Simona Canipari, who last year won three out of four stages in the WH1 category, but was forced to miss the first stage due to being called up for the World Championships, and was therefore unable to compete for the overall classification. The other two, however, went to Mirko De Cortes (MH5) and the veteran Giuseppe Uberti (MH1), who after years of commitment celebrates a huge satisfaction. A jersey also for Giannino Piazza: it is the black one of the last classified, but it means a lot anyway.

“I always find myself repeating the same concepts – explains captain Sergio Balduchelli – but if we are so strong what else can I say? In Bari, too, the boys did wonders and collected jerseys: pink, red and black. Once again I am proud of them all, and I would like to give a special applause to two athletes who are wearing the pink jersey for the first time. One is Mirko De Cortes, a boy who deserves a lot, and the other is Giuseppe Uberti, who at 62 years old has finally conquered such an important goal: a satisfaction that will remain with him forever. Franco Tonoli, the team’s new entry, also ran a splendid race, finishing on the podium among the MH3s. Marco Colombo, president of Active Sport, who flew to Bari with the team, was also delighted. In addition to celebrating our guys,” he said, “I want to congratulate the organisers of the Giro d’Italia handbike race, for the level reached in terms of professionalism and product visibility, and also for the decision to offer them a showcase in southern Italy, where Paralympic sport is still struggling in terms of diffusion. A heartfelt thank you also to our supporters, without whom all this would not be possible. Although the trip was demanding, we were the largest team in the race in Bari: a result that shows the great will of all the runners, but is also the result of the indispensable support of all those who believe in us.

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