MAK SOUNDBITES 132 – NPK SPARE WHEEL KIT: Have you really thought about everything?

Have you really thought about everything? For more severe lacerations NPK has always provided its own Spare Wheel Kit, complete with: bag,space-saving spare wheel , jack, gloves, universal key, raincoat, jack bag and elastic cord. With a wide range in stock compatible with the majority of vehicles in circulation, the NPK Spare Wheel Kit is a product that can be sold all year round, for example before the Summer/Winter holidays, or at the time of the car service: many people are not aware of the fact that the Spare Wheel Kit is not a standard equipment and unfortunately they notice it at the time of the puncture only. Available also for Camper based on Fiat Ducato 5×118 and Ford Transit 5×160, with a significant weight saving on the original spare wheel: 8 kg lighter for base Ducato and 3,7 kg lighter for base Transit.

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