A set of elegant 15“ MAK Magma in an unprecedented Gloss Black finish are the protagonists of the Light Tuning intervention brought to the small Citroën Ami of an important Monegasque customer who is an affectionate frequenter of the renowned Carrozzeria Castagna in Milan.

Below is the article published in the newspaper Quattroruote that tells us about the crucial stages of the intervention:

„Matt black, gloss black and yellow trim“ like his father’s car a powerful Aston Martin. This is his first car, his first customized car.
When you grow up in a family of enthusiasts, where everything is customized that’s when even the AMI is unique.
Between father and son there are so many horsepower differences, two completely different eras, the silence of electric propulsion is preferred to the roar of the 12-cylinder.
Thus was born our 3D printed kit that characterizes the front and rear giving new identity to the game of exact symmetry desired by the style center of the brand but not only.
The 39 components of the kit are the basis for our light tuning intervention that in addition to the total painting of the exterior in the preferred colors included the saddling of the interior in full-grain black leather and Alcantara.
Each set is followed and customized by our team at the customer’s request: digital technology allows for remote tuning, without the need to have the car at our premises, since everything can be installed without any difficulty.
Colors and materials can be metallic, pastel or transparent and finished to the customer’s specifications with maximum flexibility: a new way of doing bespoke.

The body is characterized by a special matte black paint finish that contrasts with the super gloss black of the headliner, which nicely complements the vehicle’s glazing, creating a cockpit that is aeronautical in nature. Every accessory part is painted in gloss black or medium pastel gray. The special 15“ Magma Gloss Black wheels supplied by MAK replace the stamped sheet metal originals giving the vehicle greater readiness: they are complemented by the heritage Citroen logo desired by the young owner. The turn signals are now enclosed in two elements
semi-transparent smoked that at the front give a frowning look, at the rear a subtle somewhat snobbish look. The interior offers noir atmospheres: new high carpeted carpets invite bare feet. Seats are now upholstered front and rear: leather, Alcantara and carbon shell make them look like racing monocoques. The same for the dashboard, steering wheel and door panels for which special
elements capable of making them coatable.

In the center of the steering wheel, as in the center of the front, the large Citroen Chevron harkens back to the days when the brand also dominated the Eiffel Tower.
An important change is having placed the push-button gearshift control in the center of the dashboard next to the steering wheel: a small coin well has been carved into the side of the driver’s seat.

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