MAK Volare+ 4 holes: KBA homologation ready for 7.0x17, 7.0x18 and 7.5x18


MAK, in occasion of Autopromotec 2017, presents MAK Volare+, a multi-spoke wheel designed, engineered and produced to suit sporty and sedan cars. MAK Volare+ features 20 thin polished spokes and it’s a redefinition for the modern times of MAK Volare, a successful and historical model by MAK. The public always appreciates the multi-spoke design, in particular those who desire a clean, sporty, linear and thin design for this important accessory which influence the lateral view of the car so much. The 20 spokes, which compose MAK Volare+, are characterized by a thin and light structure. The spokes are thin, slender, a little squared and they extend from the centre till to the far end of the wheel.
MAK Volare+ is available in the black mirror finishing: the base color is gloss black and the spokes’ faces are polished; this detail refines and smoothen the wheel’s design.
This wheel by MAK is produced in the following applications:

4 holes: 6.5x16; 7.0x17; 7.0x18 and 7.5x18.
5 holes: 6.5x16; 7.0x17; 7.5x17; 7.0x18 and 8.0x18. - Internet Partner