B2B Updatings on MAK website


MAK has updated the B2B area on its website, that has been developed for its professional dealers. This device has been the key tool in order to consult wheels availability and to know technical data about fittings on specific cars so far.
From now on MAK B2B is offering two new very useful tools:

• The first one is about final price calculation: when the dealer enter his personal page, he finds at the top left of the page a percentage symbol: clicking it, a new window called “Prices reloadingOperator> Public” appears. The dealer can insert its reloading percentage on the net prices he has agreed with MAK.
Then the dealer can choose a car model and the wheel size he desires. The software looks for available designs and shows the list. Then, the B2B calculates final prices on the basis of the reloading percentage the dealer has put on top left window. Doing this the software lets the dealer tell the final price to the end-user directly and in real time, for a quick and professional service.
• The second tool lets the dealer set up the chosen car with all consistent and available wheels. Clicking on the car image on the principal availability page, the car itself is shown in a bigger picture and, on the same page, all available wheels are included. The dealer can drag wheels on the car and show the final aesthetical result to the end-user. In this way the user can simply understand the look of the car featuring MAK wheels in advance. Showing the style result is an effective way to persuade the final user to buy the wheels, since he easily understand how his car will appear. Besides this useful tool, the site show the suggested tyre for that car with the choosen wheel and the dealer can also download the TUV certificates.
MAK B2B update is a very interesting extension of the general customer service the company offer its dealers and final clients in order to make the sale easier, faster and more effective. Showing the picture of the car fitted with MAK wheels and having final prices promptly available allow the dealer to lead an easier, more professional and complete sales approach.

All dealers can enter MAK B2B from the home page of the web site http://www.makwheels.it/defaultEng.asp through a personal username and password.
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