Bon voyage à la nouvelle expédition Donnaventura!


The forthcoming new adventure is focused on a truly great adventure! Africa and the Indian Ocean will host the most exciting parts of it, as the newly appointed young travel reporters – who have just mastered their full week of intense training in la Thuile – will embark on a long and extremely challenging journey. Alessia, Arianna, Chiara Francesca, Felicitas, Marianna and Vanessa, supervised by veteran donnavventura Ana and Valentina, are the official members of the 2017 expedition team. Donnavventura will thus travel to a most fascinating part of the globe, seeking the true colors of nature: spectacular safaris in Kenya, the wild wilderness atmospheres in Ethiopia and the white, pristine beaches of the Indian Ocean will thus offer the perfect palette. The expedition team will discover all the beauty of the natural parks of Kenya - Masai Mara, Tsavo, Nakuru and Amboseli NP – and the local fascination of Ethiopian people and culture in the Omo Valley, Addis Abeba, the magnificent monument displays of Lalibela and the breathtaking plain of Dancalia.
Mozambique et Zanzibar étonnent avec leurs plages blanchese et les eaux claires - les plages que les touristes Europèens aiment le plus - ainsi que l'archipel des Maldives. Ce dernier abrite le champ de base de l'expédition Donnaventura, à vivre afin de découvrir l'aventure d'une autre perspective. Et enfin le Sri Lanka va enchanter le grand public, ainsi que le team officiel qui voyagen en tant que la destination la plus colorée et parfaite, charmante aussi de l'expédition 2017. - Internet Partner