Nouvelle MAK Panorama 7.0x17 - Homologation KBA, disponible au mois d'Octobre


MAK presents MAK Panorama, the new wheels designed for medium-small crossovers. The wheel features five doubled asymmetric spokes: the first one is thinner and more long-limbed, while the second one is slightly wider and curvier. New crossovers from the most important European and Asian brands stand out for peculiar and captivating shapes and solutions, MAK Panorama suits perfectly these cars thanks to the freshness and originality of its design. 
The wheel has also to insure safety and strength while driving, that’s why the doubled spokes configuration was chosen. The spokes, by joining the external surface of MAK Panorama, create a perfect structural strength. All application are TUV/KBA homologated and feature also the NAD homologation for the Italian market. MAK Panorama is available in two finishings: the traditional silver, elegant and refined, and black mirror, a gloss painting that highlights the polished spokes.
La gamme Panorama MAK est disponible dans les applications suivantes dans les deux finitions: 7,0jx17; 8,0jx18 et 8,0jx19. Les prix sont à disposition à la demande.. - Internet Partner