New MAK Birmingham: Avant-première à l'occasion de 4x4 Fest (Carrara)


A l'occasion du Carrara’s 4x4 Fest à la fin d'Octobre, MAK va présenter un de ses nouveaux modèles 2017: MAK Birmingham
MAK Birmingham is composed of 10 spokes: 5 long spokes spaced from each other by 5 shorter, who connect to the central hub perpendicular to the mounting holes.
The long spokes are joined together in the vicinity of the central hub recreating a characteristic star shape, while the other 5 shorter spokes are separated from each other and close in a rounded shape just above the respective mounting hole.
The MAK designers, to give even greater prominence and dynamism to each spoke, have created a depression in the center of each spoke.
MAK Birmingham is available in three finishes: Silver, Gloss Black and Gun Metallic Mirror. The Silver finish is designed for people who want a simple and elegant wheel which match perfectly with the design of the JLR group SUV. For the most powerful and sport models, the Gloss Black finish is perfect to give more emphasis to the car's character. In Gun Metallic Mirror version, this detail is further emphasized by its special finish that makes stand out more the diamond surfaces of the ten spokes. The range of applications of MAK Birmingham is the same for all finishes: 19 ", 20" and 22 ". Prices vary depending on the finish and size and are available on request. - Internet Partner
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