MAK & Donnavventura: une autre année ensemble!


This year, the young explorers will take part in a complete new travel experience, the expedition is being developed into an even more exciting and unmissable event. The Donnavventura caravan will make a stop in Abu Dhabi, the elegant and glossy capital city of the UAE. Then it’ll proceed all the way to Thailand, discovering the colors and the scents of Bangkok. After visiting also Singapore, the expedition will go back to the UAE and explore the futuristic Dubai. Then again, it’ll be time to spend few days in Paris before flying to California and live the American dream. From there, the protagonists of this year’s expedition will set off to French Polynesia in the very heart of the Pacific Ocean: a true dream destination.

Mitsubishi Motors has offered its outstanding and top-performing vehicles to Donnavventura for more than 10 years. The famous ASX cross-overs, the all-terrain Mitsubishi L200 pick-ups and the brand new hybrid Outlander PHEV. The Donnavventura caravan vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art Yokohama Geolandar G012 tires, which have always provided the best ever performance and results also for any off-road adventure and extreme exploration. The japanese tires are installed on special alloy wheels by MAK, a market leader company for sporty, aggressive, classic and futuristic wheel styles, with new solutions that are often far from conventional standards and are able to offer top performances all over the world. - Internet Partner