Donnavventura, la nouvelle expédition: Afrique et Océan Indien


The new expedition will be the highlight of the great adventure! Africa and the Indian Ocean will be the theater of this long journey that you will see 6 neo-reporter selected at La Thuile. Alessia, Arianna, Chiara Francesca, Felicitas, Marianna and Vanessa, coordinated by veterans Ana and Valentina, have just finished the week of training and are therefore ready to face such a long journey. How challenging, as ever as this year will need a team strong and capable.
This year journey will be in search of colors: from Kenya's safari to the population and nature of Ethiopia, to the white beaches of the Indian Ocean. The charm of African safaris will be found in the great Kenya Parks, Masai Mara and Tsavo, Nakuru and Amboseli NP.
The colors of nature and faces of the Ethiopian population will find them in the Valley of the Odo in Addis Ababa, from the monumental reality of Lalibela to the depression of Dancalia. Mozambique, Zanzibar will offer the colors of the most popular beaches and will not miss the most sought-after archipelago of the Indian Ocean, that of the Maldives, which will be presented in a new form: Donnavventura will set an unprecedented base camp here! Finally, Sri Lanka, with its colors, scents and flavors, is the ultimate destination of this expedition. - Internet Partner