R Team and DriveEvent - New collaboration with MAK


R TEAM was founded in 1989, taking the name from the initials of its founder, Renato Rickler. The excellent work over the years and the unrivaled results helped R TEAM to become the most important Italian structure, specialized in management and rally-raid racing cars rental all over the world. The R TEAM's activity is not limited to the sports sector, but it extends into the commercial one, where it manages a center specialized in off-road vehicles, called R SERVICE, and in the promotional sector with the organization of events. Mitsubishi chose R TEAM to manage its own whole off-road sports industry under the brand "RALLIART OFF ROAD ITALY".
By virtue of this agreement, the structure has the responsibility to take care of the official racing team of Mitsubishi Italia in the Tout Terrain Rallyes. The results obtained by RALLIART OFF ROAD ITALY were great, both in sports, with participations in the major national and international competitions Rallyes Tout Terrain and the victory of eight Championships, and in the promotion aspect, with the massive participation of private clients at single brand Trophies Mitsubishi, planned and realized in collaboration with Ralliart Off Road Italy.
RALLIART TEAM-R is present in all major events of auto industry and each year takes part in the "Bologna Motor Show" and "4x4 Fest Carrara" with a stand where importance is given to activities, products and image of the sponsors.
​In addition, R-RALLIART TEAM is responsible for a off-road racing driving school, where MITSUBISHI cars are used to improve the driving.
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