New MAK Stockholm - Now available in 16” and 17”


Mak presents MAK Stockholm , an interesting new design dedicated to the entire Volvo range , from C30 to the new XC90. Design, applications and sizes are based in fact on the new aesthetic lines and the technical demands of the models of this brand. Just for her dedicated spirit , Mak Stockholm offers the possibility of using the original cap and bolts.

From an aesthetic point of view, Mak Stockholm presents 5 spokes with a space at the center, that gives dynamism and lightness to the wheel. Spokes sinuous and broken at the same time, give the wheel a fresh, contemporary design that perfectly suits the new stylistic trend taken by the new car of the Volvo Group . This aesthetic found by a precise identity to Mak Stockholm, a perfect example of the originality of creative MAK designers.
The breeds of Mak Stockholm rest on the outer channel due to two different surfaces: one surface , which merges own with the outer edge , and one behind it , which helps to strengthen and stabilize the structure of the wheel.
Mak Stockholm is available in three different finishings: traditional Silver , always elegant and refined ; the Matt Titan , a dark gray matte coating that gives the wheel a precise look and Ice Black : the bottom is matte black , in contrast to the diamond-cut finish of the edges, to make it attractive and young look of the wheel. - Internet Partner
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