New MAK Barbury ice black - On Stock!


In the last few years MAK is focusing its efforts on specific ranges  for the main automotive brands and among the most successful wheels there are the ones dedicated to Range Rover/Land Rover so in 2016 MAK will introduce two new models for the prestigious English brand: MAK Kingdom and MAK Barbury.

MAK Barbury features an innovative design which revisits and update in a completely new way the multi spokes wheel: five coupled spokes and five thinner spokes between the couples. This solution creates a well-balanced and elegant design which will absolutely satisfy the more demanding Range Rover drivers.

The spokes appear fresh and dynamic thanks to their shapes and to the skillful work of the MAK’s designers but they are also sturdy and strong to resist to the weight and the driving stress of powerful cars on bumpy and dirty tracks.

MAK Barbury is available in three finishings: the classic Silver perfect for the winter use, Gloss Black, a soft tuning finishing which exalts the car’s character and Ice Black, a gutsy and engaging finishing where the five coupled spokes are polished and make almost vanish the five thinner spokes.

The range of applications of MAK Barbury is: 8x19”; 8,5x20” and 9,5x20”. The price varies depending on the finishing and on the size and are available on request. - Internet Partner
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