May 2013 - MAK @ Autopromotec - Bologna


MAK S.p.A. took part in latest edition of the international car components and accessories fair called Autopromotec, held in n Bologna exhibition centre from Wednesday, 22nd, to Sunday, 26th, of May 2013.
Autopromotec has represented a fundamental appointment for MAK, since the fair is the most suitable place and occasion to meet national and international dealers. Autopromotec has been then a strategic showcase at which the company can show its most important wheel designs.
Numbers of 2013 edition have confirmed the importance of the fair, which counted more than 1500 company displaying their products (39% of which coming from abroad) and more than 102.000 people visiting pavilions and stands (20.000 coming from foreign countries).
MAK showed many news belonging to MAK brand, the premium trademark of the company whose designs are produced in Italy, at Autopromotec.
On one hand, MAK displayed a very successful generalist design, - MAK Fatale - that has been awarded at Geneva Auto Salon as the most beautiful wheel. On the other hand, the Italian company showed three new designs purposely developed and dedicated to the car-users of some of the most known and prestigious brands: MAK Rennen, for Porsche Drivers, MAK Jackie, for “Mini-addict”, and MAK München, for BMW fans.
All these wheels show a very peculiar look that can match perfectly with the one of the cars they are addressed to, even if they stand out thanks to the “special trait by MAK”. - Internet Partner
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