MAK Nürburg: now available and KBA homologated in 8.5x21 size!


Characterized by five asymmetrical split spokes, Nürburg's design focuses on thinner shapes in the center, which gradually open outwards, completing the design with an asymmetric curvature that makes the rim very dynamic. Nürburg is produced in different finishes to meet the tastes of customers: Silver, elegant and always refined, Gloss Black, a glossy black paint that gives the wheel great elegance, and Black Mirror more aggressive thanks to the brilliant diamond on the surface of the spokes. In particular, this last finishing boasts two contrasting colors that accentuate the dynamism and create a three-dimensional effect on several levels: in the foreground the diamond spokes and on a more internal level the blacks.

MAK Nürburg is now on stock and KBA homologated in 8.5x21 size. - Internet Partner
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