MAK @ Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2013 - New horizons for MAK !


For the first time, from July 24th to 27th, MAK exhibited at Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2013, the most important showcase of central-South America.
On this occasion MAK showed its most sophisticated wheels, Fatale, Rennen, Munchen, Stern, Highlands and Bimmer, which represent the finest Italian design and top quality of MAK’s brand at most.
At Hanksugi Tyres Japan INT’s stand, a Panama importer, MAK’s product were highly esteemed by the interested guests and importers coming from the close countries of Colombia, Venezuela, Perù , Costarica, Mexico: in many of such countries European car import is increasing and, as a consequence, MAK’s dedicated products as well. - Internet Partner
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