31°Rally della Lana: Casano and Orio made a great race!


The return of the "Rally della Lana" was a highly anticipated event and did not disappoint; after many years of absence from the Italian stage, the "Lana" returns with a renewed and very technical edition. The choice of location for the start of the 31st Rally della Lana has also proved successful: Via Italia and Piazza Duomo, crowded with the public and surprisingly alive and welcoming, have made the pilots ready to leave a warm tribute to confirm the merit of a event returned to make the Biellese passionate. Even on the special stages the public was surprisingly numerous (the night PS of Oropa sold out so much that it also forced the organizers to move the public from dangerous positions threatening not to start the special stage).
The crew of Tac Motorsport composed by Ale Casano and  Mattia Orio, on the Clio S1600 of Twister Italia, was on the third out after the class achievements of Cefalù and Bergamo. The Lombard duo began to become familiar with the Biellese asphalt, breaking off a good time on the Biella - Oropa, going to occupy the noble positions of the absolute classification (close to the powerful R5 cars) and taking command of the S1600 class.

At the entrance to Saturday's reorganization, the Twister Italia duo was awarded a 30-second penalty strongly challenged by Alessandro and Mattia following a problem due to the timing service.
After the energetic but vain complaints of Saturday night, the duo of the Twister decided nevertheless to continue the race going to recover the leadership of S1600 class (category then won with over 2 minutes on the local Foglietti) but, due to problems at the braking system of the French berlinetta, lost positions in the overall classification ending in 15th position but still winning the ranking reserved for Group A (virtual 13th absolute position without the penalty unjustly assigned).
For Casano and Orio it is still the third victory of class s1600 in as many seasonal exits (in addition to the third place of Cefalù). Next meeting is at the 7th Sebino Rally where Ale and Mattia will surely want to show off on the friendly roads ...
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