The collaboration between MAK and DONNAVENTURA continues


Also this year, DONNAVVENTURA is on Rete4, a famous channel of the italian television broadcasting, with the amazing tour 2013. In this tour, the girls of DONNAVVENTURA are going to explore and discover the USA, travelling from New York to Hawaii.
MAK is one of the official supplier od DONNAVVENTURA. The cross-over Mitsubishi ASX Euro5 and pick-up L200 that the girls are driving through USA, are equipped with MAK Nitro5 and MAK Sierra.
The Donnavventura have traveled for 10.000 Km, starting from New York and through the suggestive american landscapes. The team went to Indianapolis and Texas to explore this land of cow-boys and Rodeos. After that, they went to Arizona and its beautiful nature, the incredible atmosphere of Las Vegas and San Francisco. After this Coast to Coast, they move to Hawaii the last stop of this amazing American Tour. - Internet Partner