New Dedicated Wheel - MAK Sachsen


MAK launches Sachsen, a “fresh” and sophisticated design expressively designed to meet Volkswagen drivers’ taste, in order to embellish and personalize – for example, their Golf.
MAK Sachsen features a dynamic 5 split spokes, which start thin and tapered from the center of the wheel. Each spoke has a little lateral groove, facing inwards, lightening its look. The spoke connects to the external rim thanks to a double joint: the superficial one melt with the rim creating an harmonic, soft and regular shape, while the rear one joins the inner part of the external rim thanks to a more stable and sturdier connection. This double attachment gives strength and solidity to the wheel supporting rough handling while driving. 
MAK Sachsen offers then a neat and shapely style, in perfect harmony with Volkswagen family feeling. Like all German brands, in fact, the car manufacturer from Wolfsburg prefers a sober and regular look.
MAK Sachsen complies with this tradition in order to encounter the aesthetical taste of all those users driving Volkswagen cars and to satisfy them at best.
MAK Sachsen features two versions: the very classic Silver one and the Matt Black, which has been developed in order to give a stronger look and personalization to cars belonging to customers showing a more exigent and original style. Both finishings are suitable for winter use.
MAK Sachsen range is wide and it can equip any Volkswagen car. The range is the same both for Silver and Matt Black versions: 5J14”, 5,5J15”, 6J15”, 6,5J16”, 7J17” e 7,5J17”. 

In October, MAK Sachsen will be also available in:

5x14 - 4x100 - et35 - cb 57,1
5x14 - 5x100 - et35 - cb 57,1

Thanks to the introduction of this sizes, MAK Sachsen will cover a wide range of city cars, like Volkswagen UP!, Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo. - Internet Partner