MAK: Official sponsor of Drifting School and Scuola Mustang Drift


In an area of 50,000 mq, just a few minutes from Conegliano, take place the School Steering Mustang Giuseppe Gandin. Maximum security, a friendly and prepared staff enable participants to live unforgettable days skillfully combining fun with learning. 
The Ford Mustang is equipped with adequate safety systems, directly from the workshop of Gandin Motors, which has always specialized in sports preparations.
"Drifting"  is a funny and contagious sport, but it is also a way to release all tension thanks to pure adrenaline. Furthermore, this school is useful to develops the ability to "drive the car" in spite of "being led". It 'a discipline in which the speed is not important, but its spectacular curves and the ability to keep the car sideways that makes the difference.
The objective of the course is to learn the basics of drifting. Due to the highly technical knowledge of the two riders Gianluca Di Fabio and Michele "Micky" Pianosi, participants will learn the right techniques to deliberately lose traction of the car to control skidding. - Internet Partner