MAK FF Series - Flow Forged wheels by MAK


At Autopromotec 2015 MAK introduces one of the most important innovations of these years: the new range of FLOW-FORGED wheels (MAK-FF). These innovative wheels are  produced with cutting-edge and sophisticated technologies to guarantee more lightness and an higher quality than most part of the wheels now on sale.
The Flow Forming process is based on different concepts than casting: the pre-sized metal disk casted through the usual method is clamped against the block of the flow forming machine by a pressure pad, which is attached to the tailstock. The block and the work piece are then rotated together at high speeds. A localized force is applied to the work piece to cause it to flow over the block. Thanks to this the wheel will feature extraordinary mechanics characteristics and thickness which involve a weight loss of 20%.  The aluminum structure is solid and dense which makes it similar to a forged wheel but the costs are substantially lower.

The advantages of a such innovative process are: Unsprung masses reduction; more comfort, resistance and safety; reduced fuel and tyres consumption; better handling and more effective braking and acceleration.
At the beginning there will be 3 wheels available, dedicated to the main German automotive brands: LUFT-FF for BMW, BREMEN-FF for Mercedes and the new LOWE-FF for Volkswagen and Audi. - Internet Partner