MAK Dedicated Wheels


MAK has developed specific designs purposely dedicated to the car-users of some of the most known and prestigious brands

MAK launches MAK Stadt, one of MAK 2012 range flagship wheels. MAK Stadt is dedicated in particular to Audi cars, from A1 to Q5: applications, sizes and finishings are in fact been designed in order to match perfectly with the different car models of this brand. Just because of its fitting-oriented style, MAK Stadt allows the use of the original hardware and cap to personalize Audi cars in a most loyal way. 
MAK Stadt is available in the following sizes for both versions: 6,5J15”, 7J16, 7,5J16, 7,5J17 and 8J18. The Silver one is perfect for winter tyre change. 

MAK launches München, a new elegant passenger car design dedicated to BMW. It features a run-flat rim, which is fundamental in order to equip BMW cars with run-flat tyres, and it shows a look that perfectly matches with the one of all cars belonging to this brand: a fashionable, elegant or sporty style, depending on each finishing that particularly distinguishes a single personal car.  
MAK München size range is the same for any finishing: Silver, perfect for a soft, classic equipment, Matt Black, for a strong tuning, and Gun Metallic Mirror, even more fashionable. It is composed of the following applications: 7x16”, 8J17”, 8J18”, 9J18”, 8,5J19”, 9,5J19”. 

MAK Bimmer features a sturdy 5 paired-spokes structure and it has been designed in order to fit BMW cars – both passenger cars and SUVs - specifically. Its applications are in fact 16”, 17”, 18”, 19” and 20” and they can match any BMW size. They can also fit Run-Flat tyres. 
MAK Bimmer is produced in the traditional Silver color and in the original Black one: this second version is a very fashionable and stylish matt paint. The wheel – in both colors – is available in the following top-level size range: 7J16”, 8J17”, 8J18”, 9J18”, 8,5J19”, 9,5J19”, 8,5J20”, 9,5J20”, 10,5J20”. 

MAK launches MAK Stern, a new passenger car wheel which is endowed with a strongly recognizable style and which has been designed in order to fit Mercedes cars.
MAK Stern shows a punchy style, that is also strict and well-framed in the meanwhile. That is typical of those designs addressed to original equipment use and inspired by typical German car lines. MAK Stern five solid spokes are set in a kind of general grid that is like a frame binding the whole structure of the wheel and connecting to the rim trough a strong joint. 
MAK Stern is one of the flagship wheels of 2012 range and it will satisfy Mercedes users first, and then all those drivers who desires an unique accessory for their own saloon. MAK Stern is available, in both versions, in a range of sizes from 16” to 20” (19” and 20” sizes are addressed to Mercedes SUVs). 

MAK launches Jackie, a refined design that has been specifically developed in order to enrich and mark any Mini car on the market. MAK Jackie is available with 4 or 5 holes, needed to equip every single car of the fashionable English brand. Mini, Mini Cooper, Paceman, Clubman and Countryman will find in MAK Jackie a valuable accessory of car fashion, which is perfectly consistent with Mini family feeling and which can personalize its look in a very cool way. 
MAK Jackie applications range is the same both for Silver version, which is perfect for a classic and soft personalization of the car, for the Matt Black one – dedicated to a stronger tuning – and for the Gloss White, the most fashionable: 6,5J16” e 7J17”. 

MAK launches Rennen, a new forged look design dedicated to all Porsche drivers and thought to fit this brand whole passenger car range. MAK Rennen shows a style in perfect harmony with the requirements and the desire of people keen on Porsche brand: the wheel is fashionable, elegant or sporty, depending on each finishing, able to typify any car in a very peculiar way. 
MAK Rennen size range is the same for Silver version, perfect for those who desire a classic and soft personalization for their cars, for Matt Black one – developed for a stronger tuning – and for the Ice Black as well, more fashionable, of course, thanks to the diamond-finishing on the surface of the spokes: 8J18”, 9J18”, 11J18”, 8,5J19”, 9,5J19”, 11J19”. 

MAK launches MAK Highlands, a new sturdy design addressed to the whole range of Range Rover/Land Rover SUVs and, in particular, to the latest Evoque, the most recent and successful car. Design, applications and sizes of MAK Highlands take inspiration from the aesthetical lines and the technical requirements of these brands car models. In addition, MAK Highlands can help to customize in a very original and unique way all latest generation luxury SUV, from the Audi Q7 to the BMW X6. 
MAK Highlands is available in the sizes 8J18, 9J18, 8J19, 9J19, 8,5J20, 9,5J20 e 10,5J20. Gun Metallic Mirror version is available in the same range. 

MAK launches Sachsen, a “fresh” and sophisticated design expressively designed to meet Volkswagen drivers’ taste, in order to embellish and personalize – for example, their Golf.
MAK Sachsen features a dynamic 5 split spokes, which start thin and tapered from the center of the wheel. Each spoke has a little lateral groove, facing inwards, lightening its look. The spoke connects to the external rim thanks to a double joint: the superficial one melt with the rim creating an harmonic, soft and regular shape, while the rear one joins the inner part of the external rim thanks to a more stable and sturdier connection. 
MAK Sachsen range is wide and it can equip any Volkswagen car. The range is the same both for Silver and Matt Black versions: 5J14”, 5,5J15”, 6J15”, 6,5J16”, 7J17” e 7,5J17”. 

MAK launches MAK Gothenburg, a new interesting design addressed to the whole range of Volvo cars, from the C30 to the XC60. Its design and its sizes have been designed in order to match perfectly with Volvo cars aesthetical lines and technical features: thanks to its fitting-oriented identity, MAK Gothenburg lets drivers use the original hardware and Volvo cap in order to have a very brand-close personalization. 
MAK Gothenburg Silver version range, which is dedicated to winter use, is composed of the following sizes: 7J16, 7J17 e 7,5J17. Ice Titan and matt titan range is available in same sizes. - Internet Partner