Mak at Automechanika - 2010 edition


the company confirms it will take part in the most important European car accessorizes show
Mak at Automechanika - 2010 edition
MAK S.p.A. announces that it will be present at next edition of Automechanika, the international fair dedicated to car components and accessorizes that will be held in Frankfurt from
Tuesday, Sept. 14th, to Sunday, Sept. 19th.

Automechanika is a fundamental meeting for MAK to talk to many international dealers (the ones that have been cooperating with the company for a long time and new potential ones): that is why MAK takes the occasion of this fair just to increase its contacts and business, since it is business and service oriented and since it exports many of its products.
"Looking at our growth and considering our purpose to develop our business in those foreign countries that seem to be more interesting in car fashion fittings, we have to say that we must be present and exhibit MAK range at such an important international fair as Automechanika: there we can optimize our business." – says Emanuele Roncadori, MAK Export Manager.

The showcase that the German fair offers represents then for MAK the greatest opportunity to display its most important news for the coming winter season (considering the change between the summer tyre set and the winter one that pushes customer to buy two different wheel sets) and for 2011 business.

The most remarkable news that MAK is showing in Frankfurt are: MAK Venti, the new design celebrating the 20th anniversary of the company that was born in 1991, MAK Tuono and MAK Raptor, two brand-new and never seen before wheels, and MAK Scorpio, a refined 5 spoke design featuring a precise style identity. Its spokes are painted, like its basis, in the new Iron color (a charcoal grey) that clashes with the diamond finishing of the external parts giving birth to a peculiar and original "chiaroscuro" game that gives brightness to the wheel. MAK Scorpio shows the traditional "MAK Style" perfectly, that style that has always been appreciated as a strong quality element and that has always identified MAK as a trend-setter in the wheel field: innovative and neat style lines, originality and creativeness that will influence next season style standards.

Together with the range of the same name, MAK is launching also a new wheel of MS Motorsports line at Automechanika: the new design is called Fix and it is addressed to 2010/2011 winter campaign. MAK has been launching specific wheels for the change between the summer tyre set and the winter one for some years offering quality but affordable designs to its customers. Matrix Fix shows a 5 spoke sober and well-balanced structure: the spokes have a soft and rounded profile that can match with aesthetical lines of most part of modern cars effectively.

MAK booth at Automechanika (Frankfurt, September, 14th – 19th 2010) will be n. D-60 in Halle 4.1. - Internet Partner