Reifen Gundlach Sommerparty to celebrate the 10th anniversary


10 years ago, in Daufenbach, the biggest logistic centre of Reifen Gundalch was built. In the same period the Gundalch Foundation was created. From that period the foundation has been helping kids from poor families. At the party for 2 anniversaries attended many commercial partners, cooperators, and gundalch’s workforce. It was a fun and entertaining day. The big event was the concert of the star lena meyer-landrut, where 3.000 people attended. The party started Sunday 27th in the morning when the first barrel of beer was opened.
There was a big buffet filled with international and tasty food and for the kids there were many carousels and the singer Volker Rosin. There were also 2 stands where Gundlach Foundation showed its activities. There were also many other concerts, everything offered by Gundlach. - Internet Partner
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