MAK X-Mode: KBA Homologation for the 9.0x19


MAK X-Mode is made up of 10 paired spokes, spaced by the five mounting holes.
The tangled breeds have a completely new and original shape, the result of the constant stylistic research put in place by the MAK Designer. Towards the end of their extension, near the outer channel, the MAK X-Mode spokes widen with a sinuous movement, which gives fluidity and dynamism to the overall structure and overall aesthetics of the wheel. On the outside of the breed, there is a deep groove that further slits the shapes and connects it with the next pair of spokes, creating a particular optical effect for which the spokes seem to be "V" rather than being paired two by two.

In the Gun Metallic Mirror version this detail is further emphasized by the special finish that makes the diamond surfaces stand out.
Silver finish, on the other hand, is designed for those who want a muscular but elegant wheel that blends perfectly with the SUV BMW design. For the most powerful and sporty models and their owners, the Gloss Black is also thought to be perfect for creating a chromatic contrast with a lightweight bodywork and giving more emphasis to the car's character.
On the one hand, the spokes appear sluggish and dynamic, on the other hand, they have to be robust and resistant, just because they have to bear the weight and stress while driving powerful cars.
For this reason, the split configuration of the spokes has been chosen: joining the MAK X-Mode outer channel on a larger surface give it a perfect structural strength and strength. To confirm this, all applications can boast ECE124 approval. The Mak X-Mode application range is the same for all finishes, ie 10x20 "and 11x20". Prices vary according to finish and are available upon request. - Internet Partner
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