MAK Stone 6 - Jetzt in Gloss Black Finish


MAK launches MAK Stone6, the new 4x4 wheel that has been engineered for off-road enthusiasts, for 4x4 cars and for the most sporty pick-ups. MAK Stone6 is available with two different layouts, with 5 or 6 holes, suitable for the whole 4x4 and SUV market. The name of the wheel evokes even though its own name the use it aims: gravel unpaved, stones, mud and dirt, for powerful and strong vehicles and for those end-users keen on off-road paths.
MAK Stone 6 features a sturdy and solid design with a structure composed of six squared and large spokes and it is composed of an high density silica aluminium alloy that assures great resistance and that can bear the weight and the stress coming from the drive of heavy vehicles on challenging paths. The new wheel is available in two different colours: the traditional Silver, for a soft tuning, and the aggressive Black Mirror, featuring a black basis and a diamond finishing on the external surface of the spokes. The Black Mirror version assigns in fact a strong nature and a well-defined personalization to the cars it is bound to equip, in order to underline their precise identity and glamour even for an off-road drive. All the users that will choose MAK Stone6 will be able then to communicate their passion thanks to a special component expressing their personality.

The spokes perfectly melt with the outer rim thanks a double joint; the first connection is on the superficial border and it connects naturally with the rim, harmoniously continuing the wheel design. The second one in behind the central structure and it assures the structural resistance of MAK Stone6.

MAK Stone6 è disponibile nelle più classiche applicazioni dedicate ai 4×4: 6.5x16, 7.5x17, 8.0x18 e 8.5x20. - Internet Partner
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