MAK Load 5: Now available and KBA homologated


MAK increases its offer with MAK Load, the wheel dedicated to the market of the light trucks.

MAK Load 5 and Load 6 are characterized by a clear design and a solid structure, with 5 or 6 doubled spokes and so with 5 or 6 fixing holes. The wheels ‘spokes are strong and thin at the same time, they are thought and drew to support the weight of vehicle that transport merchandise and people, like vans and campers, with an axle load index of 2.700kg.

The spokes of MAK Load 5 and Load 6 start thin and tapered from the wheel centre, interchanging with the fixing holes and enlarging gradually until the external rim. They also have a slight curve which gives motion and dynamism to the wheel design. This detail permits to personalize and identify the wheel, making it unique.
In the Silver version this detail is created in a different way, more elegant and sober, while in the Ice Black version, with black base and polished surface, it gives originality to the wheel and to the vehicle on which it will be placed, for a more captivating tuning. The lean to the external rim is made by a continuous and fluid junction, that underline the harmony of the lines and the perfect balance of the MAK Load style.

MAK Load is approved according to directives and meticulous tests from the KBA, the German Ministry of Transport, and NAD, the Italian Homologation entered into force from the 1/10/2015 which permit to assemble a combination of wheel/pneumatic with a different size from the one indicated on the vehicle registration. - Internet Partner
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