MAK doubles, now also Fox Sports for the Spanish League!


MAK doubles! In addition to the presence during the TIM Serie A football championships broadcast live by Sky, MAK will be present in the main matches of the Spanish Primera División's fifth day, broadcast live on FOX Sports.
We will be together with Real Madrid and Barcelona champions to make the drivers aware of the use of the second wheel train with winter tires. We recall that the use of the second set of tires with thermal shells increases the safety in driving during the winter period and significantly improves the gear change. Below you find the programming of the matches where MAK will be present:

September 19th /// VALENCIA vs MALAGA /// h. 20:00
September 19th /// BARCELONA vs EIBAR /// h. 22.00

September 20th /// ATHLETIC vs ATLETICO MADRID /// h. 20.00
September 20th /// REAL MADRID vs BETIS /// h. 22.00

September 21th /// VILLAREAL vs ESPANYOL /// h. 18.00
September 21th /// LEVANTE vs REAL SOCIEDAD /// h. 22.00 - Internet Partner