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04.11.2013 - Marco Giony and Juri Mazzotti at Italia's Got Talent!

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04.11.2013 - MAK People - Lunch with our friends from Norway, Paul, Ralf and their team

In October, our friends from Norway Paul, Ralf and their team, visit us to see our manufacturing process, enjoy some italian food and swim in our cold lake Garda. [ follows... ]
04.11.2013 - MAK @ Auto Zurich Show

What began as a small exhibition in the Züspa halls, today is the largest motor show in the German-speaking Switzerland and one of the most important fairs in the Zurich area at all. [ follows... ]
04.11.2013 - Technical catalogue update: November 2013

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01.10.2013 - Japanese MAK Team

Here’s some pictures of our last visit to the Japanese MAK Team [ follows... ]
01.10.2013 - Technical catalogue update: October 2013

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01.10.2013 - Range Update - MAK Jackie now available in 7.0X18 and 7.5X18

MAK Jackie is dedicated in particular to Mini cars: applications, sizes and finishings are in fact been designed in order to match perfectly with the different car models of this brand. [ follows... ]
01.10.2013 - Men @ Work - Point of sale & vehicles branded by MAK - Giotto Ruote

The work of customization and support that MAK provides to its dealers continues.
Thanks to Giotto Ruote for these pictures and for the massive MAK customization on his Fiat Fiorino.

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01.10.2013 - MAK @ 4x4 Fest

This year as well, MAK will be present at 4x4 Fest! [ follows... ]
02.09.2013 - MAK @ Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2013 - New horizons for MAK !

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