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07.01.2014 - Happy New Year!

The whole MAK Team wish you a Happy New Year, we hope that 2014 will be a very good year full of successes! [ follows... ]
07.01.2014 - MAK @ Motor Circus 2014 - Brescia

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07.01.2014 - MAK @ Reifen Essen 2014

We’re glad to announce that MAK will be present @ Reifen Essen 2014! [ follows... ]
23.12.2013 - MAK Products @ Subaru Convention

During the last Subaru Convention occured in December, the 5th, at the Interlaken casinò, Mr Alfonso Territo (responsible of the wheel division) illustrated to the Dealers our new models, with dedicated finishings to this prestigious car brand, very appreciated in the Confederation for quality and performances. [ follows... ]
23.12.2013 - MAK Window Shop @ Fashion Institute (Asti)

In collaboration with its dealer in Piemonte, MAK just realized this beautiful window shop at the Fashion Institute of Asti. [ follows... ]
23.12.2013 - Technical catalogue update: December 2013

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20.12.2013 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The whole MAK Team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we'll be back on January 2014, ready for another year of success! [ follows... ]
20.12.2013 - New 2014 MAK Catalogue!

We’re very proud to introduce you the New 2014 MAK Catalogue, rich of new range updates for the next year! [ follows... ]
05.11.2013 - December: A month of big news!

For MAK, December will be a month of major innovations: the new catalogue will be presented , with the full range MAK 2014, and will be introduced a new tool for the store, 2014 MAK Point of Sale Kit [ follows... ]
04.11.2013 - Men @ Work - Point of sale & vehicles branded by MAK - Sirmio Gomme

Continues the work of customization and support that MAK provides its dealers.

Thanks to Sirmio Gomme for this picture and for the relevant space dedicated to MAK in his point of sale.follows... ]

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