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02.09.2013 - MAK @ Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2013 - New horizons for MAK !

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30.08.2013 - Range Update - MAK Veloce now available in Matt Titan finishing

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30.08.2013 - Men @ Work - Point of sale & vehicles branded by MAK

Among marketing activities settled by MAK, the customization of retail stores and the setting up of dealers vans are very important  [ follows... ]
30.08.2013 - App MAK - All the MAK world with a simple "touch"

The App by MAK Grows - Great success for the online configurator  [ follows... ]
01.08.2013 - New Website - A complete restyling of

MAK is proud to announce that the updated MAK web site is now on-line. The new web site has a totally re-designed layout, much more effective, and new features to easily surf the website in its various contents. [ follows... ]
31.07.2013 - New Dedicated Wheel - MAK Sachsen

MAK launches Sachsen, a “fresh” and sophisticated design expressively designed to meet Volkswagen drivers’ taste, in order to embellish and personalize – for example, their Golf. [ follows... ]
31.07.2013 - Range Update - MAK Stadt now available in 15 inches

MAK Stadt is dedicated in particular to Audi cars, from A1 to Q5: applications, sizes and finishings are in fact been designed in order to match perfectly with the different car models of this brand. [ follows... ]
31.07.2013 - MAK Dedicated Wheels

MAK has developed specific designs purposely dedicated to the car-users of some of the most known and prestigious brands [ follows... ]
28.06.2013 - Technical catalogue Update: June 2013

U 686 2013-06-03 HIGHLANDS 7X17 - 8X17
U 688 2013-06-13 SACHSEN 15-16-17
U 690 2013-0612 VELOCITY 14-15-16-17
U 691 2013-06-10 VELOCE L 15-16
U 693 2013-06-14 MERCEDES CLA [ follows... ]
28.06.2013 - B2B Updatings on MAK website

MAK has updated the B2B area on its website, that has been developed for its professional dealers. This device has been the key tool in order to consult wheels availability and to know technical data about fittings on specific cars so far. [ follows... ]

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