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21.07.2015 - MAK Sound Bites 012 - MAK & After Design Press Conference in Tokyo

Tokyo hosted a press conference organized by MAK's japanese partner, to present the new MAK Flow Forged wheels. After a brief presentation of MAK company, our designer showed the main steps of every new project development. [ follows... ]
30.06.2015 - MAK Sound Bites 011 - MAK Highlands

In this new Sound Bites we introduce MAK Highlands, our SUV and 4x4 wheel exclusively dedicated to LAND ROVER and RANGE ROVER drivers. [ follows... ]
30.06.2015 - MAK Sound Bites 010 - The Drifting School

MAK, in collaboration with Gianluca di Fabio from the Misano Drifting School, has organized a track-day at Misano World Circuit to teach the basics of the  drifting technique. [ follows... ]
30.06.2015 - MAK Köln: Available for the new Audi Q7

MAK Köln, dedicated to Audi and Porsche drivers, will also be availabe for the new Audi Q7. [ follows... ]
30.06.2015 - Men @ Work - Vehicles branded by MAK - Alu Moda

Continues the work of customization and support that MAK provides its Point of sale showrooms and vehicles. [ follows... ]
30.06.2015 - Technical catalogue update: June 2015

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29.05.2015 - Technical catalogue update: May 2015

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29.05.2015 - MAK Sound Bites 009 - MAK Ringe

In this new Sound Bites we introduce our MAK Ringe, dedicated to AUDI Drivers. [ follows... ]
29.05.2015 - MAK Sound Bites 008 - Autopromotec 2015

This year again, Bologna hosted the 2015 Autopromotec, the main Italian fair for cars accessories and developments. [ follows... ]
29.05.2015 - MAK Sound Bites 007 - MAK Export Meeting 2015 - Sorrento

In April we’ve met our main dealers for the annual MAK Export Meeting. This year we’ve visited the beautiful Sorrento. [ follows... ]

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