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30.04.2015 - MAK Team in Lapland!

In March, with our Finnish partner, we have visited the beautiful Lapland. [ follows... ]
30.04.2015 - Suzuki Norway: New Vitara with MAK Highlands

On the occasion of the new Suzuki Vitara presentation in Norway, all the cars were equipped with our MAK Highlands. [ follows... ]
30.04.2015 - MAK Sound Bites 006 - MAK Bremen

In this new Sound Bites we introduce our MAK Bremen, the new 2015 wheel exclusively dedicated to MERCEDES Drivers. [ follows... ]
30.04.2015 - MAK WHEELS - How a MAK alloy is made

We are proud to introduce ”MAK WHEELS - How a MAK alloy is made“, a video that shows how we make our wheels, from the designer concept to the final product. [ follows... ]
30.04.2015 - MAK Sound Bites 005 - Japanese Dealer Italian Tour

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of our collaboration, our Japanese partner visited us, together with some of their most important and deserving customers. [ follows... ]
31.03.2015 - MAK Sound Bites 004 - MAK Raptor 5

In this new Sound Bites we introduce our MAK Raptor 5, a perfect wheel for SUV and Off Road vehicles, thanks to its massive design and strong lines. [ follows... ]
31.03.2015 - Brand Promotion: Great initiative of our Dutch partner

This year, our Dutch partner has organized an interesting event for the distribution of the MAK material in each store.
follows... ]
31.03.2015 - MAK People: Visit to our dealer in New Zealand

We’ve visited our partner in New Zealand. On this occasion, the ”Kiwi“ MAK Team showed us their activity and promotion of our wheels. [ follows... ]
31.03.2015 - 2015 Geneva Autosalon: Collaboration between MAK and Suzuki

On the occasion of the 2015 Geneva Autosalon, Suzuki has introduced a special version of the new Vitar, equipped with MAK Wolf. [ follows... ]
31.03.2015 - MAK Sound Bites 003 - Brand Promotion

Continues the work of customization and support that MAK provides its Point of sales showrooms.  [ follows... ]

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