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Welcome to Mak Wheels site,

leader Italian company in the design, research, development and production of car alloy wheels.

We wish you an interesting visits and for any requirement we invite you to contact the Customer service, at your disposition with competence and professionality.

MAK Wheels - How a MAK alloy is made


Bimmer Matt Black
Bimmer Matt Titan
Bimmer Silver
Brand dedicated wheels - Bimmer Matt Black

Exclusively for BMW drivers
Fatale Ice Black
Fatale Silver
Fatale White and Black
Universal wheels - Fatale Ice Black

Aggressive look for this new wheel 2013 
Fuoco 6 Hyper Silver
Fuoco 6 Ice Black
Fuoco 6 Ice Titan
SUV/4x4/Heavy Duty wheels - Fuoco 6 Hyper Silver
Fuoco 6

Superfici opache e linee decise per i suv più moderni
Gothenburg Ice Titan
Gothenburg Matt Titan
Gothenburg Silver
Brand dedicated wheels - Gothenburg Ice Titan

Exclusively for VOLVO Drivers
Highlands Black Mirror
Highlands Gun Metallic Mirror
Highlands Matt Black
Highlands Silver
Brand dedicated wheels - Highlands Black Mirror

Exclusively for  RANGE ROVER and LAND ROVER Drivers
Jackie Black & Red
Jackie black & white
Jackie Gloss White
Jackie Ice Black
Jackie Matt Black
Jackie Silver
Brand dedicated wheels - Jackie Black & Red

Exclusively for MINI drivers
Köln Black Mirror
Köln Gun Metallic Mirror
Köln Matt Black
Köln Silver
Brand dedicated wheels - Köln Black Mirror

Exclusively for AUDI and PORSCHE Drivers
München Gun Metallic Mirror
München Matt Black
München Silver
Brand dedicated wheels - München Gun Metallic Mirror

Exclusively for BMW Drivers

30.06.2015 - MAK Sound Bites 011 - MAK Highlands

In this new Sound Bites we introduce MAK Highlands, our SUV and 4x4 wheel exclusively dedicated to LAND ROVER and RANGE ROVER drivers. [ follows... ]
30.06.2015 - MAK Sound Bites 010 - The Drifting School

MAK, in collaboration with Gianluca di Fabio from the Misano Drifting School, has organized a track-day at Misano World Circuit to teach the basics of the  drifting technique. [ follows... ]
30.06.2015 - MAK Köln: Available for the new Audi Q7

MAK Köln, dedicated to Audi and Porsche drivers, will also be availabe for the new Audi Q7. [ follows... ]

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