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Download the free application in iTunes Store.

Mak is the official application to find and choose all the new proposals for alloy wheels and wheels for sports cars of brand Mak wheels.
Take a picture of your car and customize it with your favorite Mak alloy wheels, discover all the catalogue of Mak alloy wheels, find the best proposals of wheels for your car searching among brands and models, read all the latest news from the world of tuning and alloy wheels.

With the application Mak you can:
  • take a picture and set up your car with Mak rims
  • view the entire catalogue of wheels with a simple tap
  • see the photos in high definition of the wheels
  • know the technical characteristics of the wheels with the special menu “Info”
  • look for the best rims recommended by Mak for each brand and model of car
  • read news of the Mak world and tuning
  • read Mak press release
  • know the history of Mak 
If you have problems viewing the content or you want send your suggestions, Mak invites you to leave your message app@makwheels.com .

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